Digital Customer Experience Wins!

This is the first of (hopefully) many kudos posts for companies who have provided me with a remarkable digital customer experience. And, today’s winner is: McDonald’s! Sure, it’s easy to swing through the drive-through at McDonald’s and grab a breakfast sandwich. Except when it’s morning drive time, and the double lanes wrap all the way […]

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Journey Maps for the Digital Customer

Customer Journey Maps! I totally love them! Who’s with me? Who has no clue what I’m talking about? In my business analysis practice, I’ve found that sometimes the most obvious stakeholder has been overlooked: the customer! Now, when I say “customer,” I mean the ultimate end user of whatever product or service is being developed. […]

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What’s in a Name?

I had an interesting conversation with a colleague who is also a friend about branding and marketing ourselves, and I thought about what to name this new blog o’ mine. With that in mind, I thought about some things that really get me moving every day: business, analysis, and rock-and-roll. I’ve recently completed my MBA […]

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