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  • Happy Wednesday! Stay Strong!

    IIBA tweeted this today – LOVE it!! They say #HumpDay is the toughest day of the week so here’s something to lighten your Wednesday! — IIBA (@IIBA) October 10, 2018

  • Digital has come a long way…and has a long way to go!

    I remember it wasn’t that long ago that smartphones weren’t ubiquitous, and you actually had to use the Yellow Pages to find certain products and services, or look up some kind of web site or use some kind of search engine. It was hard to find good services in particular – word of mouth was […]

  • Digital DON’T!

    One of the ways that digital transformation works is that it makes things EASY on the customer. Whatever you do, make sure this transition is EASY. Today I experienced a digital transaction that was MUCH harder than it should have been. In my continuing home improvement saga, I had special ordered some shower doors from […]

  • What’s your Persona-lity?

    Everyone is different. And this is a very good thing! So why do so many businesses treat us all the same? Especially when it comes to their digital offerings? Is it the easy way out? Are they focused on one demographic on purpose? Or are they missing grand opportunities to welcome even more people? Think […]

  • Digital Customer Experience Wins!

    This is the first of (hopefully) many kudos posts for companies who have provided me with a remarkable digital customer experience. And, today’s winner is: McDonald’s! Sure, it’s easy to swing through the drive-through at McDonald’s and grab a breakfast sandwich. Except when it’s morning drive time, and the double lanes wrap all the way […]

  • Digital Journey – Both Figurative and Literal

    Most of us work for one company. With that in mind, when we think about our customers’ journeys, we may focus just on that segment of their journey that starts and ends within the confines of the product or service we offer. But it can be much bigger than that! Consider my recent AMAZING trip […]

  • Digital Makes My World Go ‘Round (Mostly)

    Digital Makes My World Go ‘Round (Mostly)

    The past few weeks have brought me one of my personal best customer experiences and one of my worst. Well, one of my worst digital shopping experiences for sure. I’ll start with that one. I’m rearranging the interior of my home. Clearing out, renewing, basically a do-over of home decorating. With that in mind, I […]

  • Journey Maps for the Digital Customer

    Customer Journey Maps! I totally love them! Who’s with me? Who has no clue what I’m talking about? In my business analysis practice, I’ve found that sometimes the most obvious stakeholder has been overlooked: the customer! Now, when I say “customer,” I mean the ultimate end user of whatever product or service is being developed. […]

  • What’s in a Name?

    I had an interesting conversation with a colleague who is also a friend about branding and marketing ourselves, and I thought about what to name this new blog o’ mine. With that in mind, I thought about some things that really get me moving every day: business, analysis, and rock-and-roll. I’ve recently completed my MBA […]