It’s about Conversations.


I ran across this article quoting LinkedIn’s CEO, Jeff Weiner:  It’s brilliant. Sure, coding is becoming more and more desired as a skill as the world ramps up – for better or for worse – into AI, VR, and any other form of technology that may follow that attempts to replicate human reasoning. But, there’s a lot of risk there. And ultimately what it comes down to, is can we have conversations with one another to understand what our needs truly are? Are we losing the importance of human interaction as technology advances faster and faster? Is it any wonder that the generation behind the Millennials are embracing vinyl albums and turning away from social media? When I see the kids playing outside on these pleasant fall days, it warms my heart. Can we get to the place where technology is truly just a tool, and not the whole world? I sure hope so. I’m a technophile, don’t get me wrong, but there’s nothing that can compare to a real conversation, if you ask me.

Which is why I love my job. Bringing people together to build consensus, and then delivering what was agreed-upon is the bomb. Seeing that “a-ha” moment on the customer’s face when the digital solution did exactly what they needed, even though it might not have been originally what they thought they needed, is an amazing moment that makes all the hours leading up to it worthwhile. Not only have we implemented a solution, but we all have a warm feeling about it. High-fiving a robot just doesn’t seem like it would have the same appeal.

I mean, really, who wants to go out for beers with their robot pals?

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