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I had been shopping at a different home goods website because of a perception of lower prices, when I happened upon an online ad for It reminded me of their catchy TV commercials and the jingle, “Wayfair, you’ve got what I need!” That little jingle always made me feel happy, and so I thought, I’m going to try Wayfair today. I needed some bedding for a new pullout sofa and I’ve been endlessly shopping for the “right” dinner ware for what seems like years. So I logged on. It was so, so, so easy to find what I needed on their site. Their images were clear, and easily showed details as to measurements, etc. The search feature is awesome, with a ton of helpful phrases that pop up as I type in what I’m looking for. It was easy to find the right things at the right price.

But that’s not the best part. Wayfair allows you to get text messages of the status of your order. I opted in for that. I was alerted when my items shipped, and when they were out for delivery. And…be still my heart…updates that my items were scheduled to arrive *before* the scheduled date! Cue the singing angels!! Shipping time is my #1 consideration when ordering online, and late deliveries are my #1 reason I will abandon you. Don’t make me a promise and not deliver on it. Wayfair, happily, is not only an excellent online retailer to shop with, but they work hard to over-deliver on their promises. Well done, Wayfair! You are what I need!!


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