Digital Customer Experience Wins!


This is the first of (hopefully) many kudos posts for companies who have provided me with a remarkable digital customer experience. And, today’s winner is:


Sure, it’s easy to swing through the drive-through at McDonald’s and grab a breakfast sandwich. Except when it’s morning drive time, and the double lanes wrap all the way around the building. Enter McDonald’s Mobile Order & Pay app. Using location services, the app identifies the McDonald’s restaurant nearest to you, and offers you many deals on placing an online order. Today I got $1 off a sausage/cheese biscuit, making it only 68 cents. Super easy interface for ordering, very intuitive layout, even lets you use ApplePay (which often offers additional discounts). You place your order, then head to the restaurant. Once there, you can decide whether to retrieve your order from a designated parking space, heading inside, or go through the drive-through. I opted for the parking space, and the app prompted me to enter the space number. Two minutes later, out comes an associate with my order. Easy-breezy, and I seriously felt like a VIP, cutting the line. Imagine that – a VIP at McDonald’s! This girl is a delighted digital customer.


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