What’s in a Name?

nametagI had an interesting conversation with a colleague who is also a friend about branding and marketing ourselves, and I thought about what to name this new blog o’ mine. With that in mind, I thought about some things that really get me moving every day: business, analysis, and rock-and-roll. I’ve recently completed my MBA and I still want to learn more and more about business. I’ve been practicing business analysis for many years, and I love the opportunities to connect people with technology and solve business problems. And, rock-and-roll, well…that’s been a part of my life since birth. So it only makes sense to figure out a way to blend all these things together into one and leverage that as a brand.

Is it complete? Probably not. But I hope that posting here frequently will help me figure it out. Why? Because my true passion is helping others achieve their goals, whether personal or in their careers. Business analysis can be applied to a lot more than software because it’s that structured way of thinking and consistent search for root causes that led to solving even the most complex problems and providing high value. I want to show you how to do that – and I want to collaborate with you along the way; because, trust me, I learn just as much from doing this as you do.

Want to join me? Come along on my journey, and let’s ROCK that ANALYSIS!!

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