Work-Life Integration

A good friend of mine said once that he doesn’t practice work-life balance; rather, he practices work-life “integration.” That was an interesting concept, and consequently, I discovered I do pretty much the same thing. The great thing about being a practitioner of business analysis (regardless of title) is we get to do things in our […]

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Digital DON’T!

Car rental agencies are a thing of beauty on airport properties, especially if you’re a loyalty member. You can breeze through and be on your way smoothly as if you’re picking up your own car in your own garage. But take the car rental desk out of the airport and things deteriorate. Quickly. Take, for […]

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It’s about Conversations.

I ran across this article quoting LinkedIn’s CEO, Jeff Weiner:  It’s brilliant. Sure, coding is becoming more and more desired as a skill as the world ramps up – for better or for worse – into AI, VR, and any other form of technology that may follow that attempts to replicate human reasoning. But, there’s […]

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Digital Customer Experience Wins! I had been shopping at a different home goods website because of a perception of lower prices, when I happened upon an online ad for It reminded me of their catchy TV commercials and the jingle, “Wayfair, you’ve got what I need!” That little jingle always made me feel happy, and so I […]

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San Antonio ROCKS Analysis!

Yes! I will be presenting a half-day workshop as well as a one-hour forum on the Digital Customer Journey along with renowned business analysis professional, Heather Mylan-Maines at the Building Business Capability conference November 5 – 9 in my favorite city I’ve ever visited – San Antonio, Texas! Our sessions will show you what a […]

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Digital DON’T!

One of the ways that digital transformation works is that it makes things EASY on the customer. Whatever you do, make sure this transition is EASY. Today I experienced a digital transaction that was MUCH harder than it should have been. In my continuing home improvement saga, I had special ordered some shower doors from […]

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What’s your Persona-lity?

Everyone is different. And this is a very good thing! So why do so many businesses treat us all the same? Especially when it comes to their digital offerings? Is it the easy way out? Are they focused on one demographic on purpose? Or are they missing grand opportunities to welcome even more people? Think […]

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